LTT – Liceul de arte vizuale “R.Ladea” Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Digital selfie – Photoshop composition that describes and presents the students as individuals


Photo Replica

– Documenting of a famous painted portrait;
– Reproducing/reconstructing the original picture;
– Rethinking in photography the original painted;
– Adapting famous art masterpieces
– Making the connection betwen painting and photographi;

Finland Team


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Bulgaria team


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Germany team


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Romania team


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Photovoice is a process by which students photography and stories. These projects can be adapted to cover any issue that is of concern for a community. Photovoice includes group discussion about the photographs and what they mean. Finnaly the photographs and stories are presented to the community in order to raise awareness and influence policy makers from the youth perspective.

Animation Stopmotion

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Team 5

Team 6